What happens when a well known New York actress and a 99-year-old woman from Iowa meet on a path of faith in God and His Son Jesus, and find they can’t wait to share the joy, comfort and profound peace His Presence has made in their lives?

The answer, “Cat and Fern’s Excellent God Adventure,” a full year of daily prayer, meditation, spiritual insight and personal stories that, in just five minutes of reading every day, will enrich your life by gently guiding you along that same path to the divine freedom of knowing who and Whose you really are.

Meet The Authors

Catherine Hickland

After spending her entire adult life as an actress, on both soap operas and Broadway (she was a star of ABC’s ONE LIFE TO LIVE), Catherine Hickland channeled her fascination with the mind and how it works into a diligent study of the art of hypnosis therapy.

She became certified in several areas of hypnotherapy in 2007 and is now the most successful and well-known female stage hypnotist in the country, performing more than two hundred Christian-inspired hypnosis shows a year.

A popular speaker and author of “The 30-Day Heartbreak Cure,” (Simon & Schuster), Catherine is also a passionate teacher of the mind/body/spirit connection through her seminars and volunteer work with women in the federal prison system

Her Christian faith and devotion to God lie at the core of her dedication to guiding people to their inner peace and freedom; thanks to her decades of appearing on soap operas for all three networks, she enjoys an international renown that only broadens her audience and her outreach potential.

In 2001, Catherine created and remains CEO of Cat Cosmetics (www.catcosmetics.com), a very successful line of color cosmetics. She’s happily married to producer Todd Fisher and they spend their time between homes in Las Vegas and California, which they share with their dog Yippi, twenty-four chickens, three horses, a miniature donkey, two geese, thirteen ducks, and Cat’s pet rooster, “Nugget.”

Fern Underwood

Fern Underwood was born in a small town in Iowa on February 7, 1915. From her parents, Raymond and Bertha Shoup, she learned the importance of family, hard work, and a sense of humor.

From the depression that swept away her happy childhood on a thriving farm, she learned the importance of frugality and resilience.

She married Clifford Underwood on Labor Day, 1940, and was a homemaker and mother to their two children until Clifford’s sudden death in 1973, when she took over his chain of auto parts stores for the next twelve years.

Her retirement in 1985 led to international travels to Methodist mission stations on five continents as a member of the World Methodist Council, as well as passionate interests in the Bible, writing, and volunteer work with an emphasis on children—interests in which she remains active to this day, despite recent challenges with surgeries and seizures.

The walls of her home in Osceola, Iowa, are lined with awards from her local Chamber of Conference, the Methodist Church, and the state of Iowa honoring her ongoing insistence that Christianity is a verb, not a noun.

Lindsay Harrison

Born in Osceola, Iowa in 1948 to Clifford and Fern Underwood, Lindsay moved to Los Angeles in 1970, a week after graduating from Iowa State University, to pursue her interest in being a television and screen writer. That career began in earnest in 1983 and includes nine TV movies, one feature film and episodic scripts for more than twenty daytime and primetime series.

Her writing career expanded to the publishing world in 2000 and has grown to twenty books, including ten New York Times bestsellers, with such notable collaborators as Sylvia Browne, Catherine Hickland, Jeanne Cooper and Crystal Chappell.

Lindsay is also the co-founder of the Willie-Coppee Fund, a discretionary fund dedicated to helping animals whose medical care exceeds their owners’ and rescue groups’ ability to pay.

Read The Introduction

Life is a funny adventure. It comes complete with high risks, high highs and low lows. We meet people through strange and unexpected situations that we sometimes call “coincidences.” I am not of the mindset of “coincidences.” I believe everything and everyone that come into our lives have a purpose, even if the purpose is to be a change-agent for us, whether it’s in a good way or a painful one. It helps me to forgive and move on, knowing that someone who may have hurt me came into my life to teach me something valuable. I can bless them and send them on their way without harming myself with negative feelings, thoughts of revenge, and resentment. It only makes sweeter the great people who come into our lives to shine their light on us, and to show us that we, too, have a light to shine on the world.

I met writer Lindsay Harrison on a trip to Los Angeles. (I was living in New York and working on the television soap opera One Life to Live at the time.) I made that trip without booking a hotel in advance because I’m the ultimate adventure monster. Unfortunately, the Grammy Awards were being held the same weekend, and when I arrived I discovered there wasn’t a hotel room to be had in the entire city of L.A. I literally thought I was going to have to sleep in my rental car! I texted a friend back in New York to tell her of my adventure-gone-wrong, and she told me she had a friend she could call and ask if I could stay at her house. I felt weird about it—what an imposition! But the call was made, and the answer was yes. Enter Lindsay Harrison into my life. She opened her home to me, and we felt as if we had known each other forever. Talk about a change agent! Unbeknownst to me, I was about to go through some very challenging personal life changes, and this new friendship would transform my life in a huge way.

I knew I had many life lessons ahead of me at the time, which might explain my longing to seek a deeper connection to God, and Lindsay turned out to play an important role in my search. We became great friends, and every time I went to Los Angeles, I would stay with her and her fur (not a typo) children. A year later, my personal life began to fall apart. I was struggling with my emotions, pains, fears, and my self. Lindsay shared with me that her mother, Fern Underwood, at the time ninety-two years young, had been given the gift of “automatic writing.” Every day at 5:00 a.m., Fern wrote directives and conversations from the Creator and e-mailed them to her daughter. Fascinated, I asked if I could see them, and Lindsay checked with Fern. Another “yes.”

So each day, back in New York City, my e-mail inbox would include Fern’s daily dose of Jesus, forwarded from Lindsay. Those e- mails brought God back into my life in a deep and profound way. I eagerly awaited those daily conversations with God, as they were easy to read and understand, and they addressed many things I happened to be going through at the time. It was to be the first of several supernatural happenings that would finally bring me back to the self God created me to be.

Eventually I would begin to write as well. I started with daily inspirations and moved on to a healing book called The 30-Day Heartbreak Cure (Simon & Schuster), which Lindsay and I co-wrote.

I have always believed that Fern’s writing should be introduced to as many people as possible, but it would take more than a decade for Divine Inspiration to intervene once again and this book was born—a combination of my personal inspirations and Fern’s conversations with God. She’s an inspiring and most humble woman who has never invited the glare of a spotlight, but thankfully she agreed to let Lindsay and me share her words with you.

She’ll turn one hundred years old on February 7, 2015. In addition to being a homemaker and mother, and taking over her husband’s auto parts business after his sudden death in 1973, she’s traveled around the globe as a member of the World Methodist Council. She’s won awards ranging from the local Chamber of Commerce for community service, to the Iowa State “Friend of Education” Award for her work with school children in her area, to the Iowa Governor Volunteer Award, to the Bishop James S. Thomas Leadership Award. And, at the age of 85, she founded what she called “Fun Church” at a rural trailer park near her small town in Iowa, at which, seated on a blanket, surrounded by the children who lived there, she introduced them to Jesus and His teachings and the sacred dignity and grace of their souls. (She wrote about Fun Church in a pamphlet she titled To Come Alive at 85. How inspiring is that?!)  Fern first experienced her gift of “automatic writing” at a spiritual retreat in 1973, when, in her words, “I had barely seated myself when I felt urged to take out my notebook. For one solid hour I wrote as fast as I could, the words seeming to come like dictation.” She’s so reluctant to take credit for these writings that when I asked if I could use them for this collaborative book, she replied, “I’d be honored, but you know, they’re not really mine.”

Please note: The italicized passages you’ll read are many of Fern’s inspirations which came, as she would say, “through” her, not “from” her, with Someone Else guiding her hand, and we’re sharing them in these pages exactly as she received them.

And so, from Fern and me, thank you for letting us walk through the next year of your life with you. Enjoy each day, and know that you are Blessed!

-Catherine (Cat) Hickland Fisher

“Cat and her friend Fern have written a wonderful book to help us keep God in our hearts and lives every day of the year and remind us of our connection with the Spirit who enriches us all. Through the best of times and the hardest, we’re all safe in God’s loving hands. These daily meditations celebrate that Divine guidance while opening our hearts to let in the blessings. When I count my blessings, I am so thankful for my family. I’m happy Cat is with us. Every day is a gift. Every day is a fresh start. Enjoy this collection of inspiring prayers.”


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